Susan RaabSusan Raab shows small business owners how to get and keep customers with leveraged communications like websites, product launches, books and online training.

She works with entrepreneurs ready to expand their product lines and profits without wasting money on tactics that don’t work, and who want simply to be guided to strategies proven to bring in more customers and revenue.

Clients often call Susan their “secret weapon” to connect with readers, listeners and viewers because she quickly eliminates what bores them and provides the exact words that prick up their ears like a dog whistle: customer-centered content that speaks to their interests first.

The result? Her clients make deep, powerful connections with ideal prospects, and convert them easily to customers who stay, pay and refer: the foundation of a successful education product line.

A best-selling author of books on sales and marketing, as well as a marketing strategist, high-conversion copywriter and leading-edge online training designer, Susan:

  • Published 200 business titles before her 29th birthday
  • Founded and sold the company that produced the first word processor to integrate outlining with paragraph styles, a design Microsoft “endorsed” and is now known as Outline View to 5 billion MS Word users worldwide
  • Led corporate teams that produced and licensed instructor-led training and trainer certification programs, and
  • Produced product launch campaigns that converted up to 17%.

Work with Susan

If you feel that you’ve got a good sense of how Susan works with people and you’d like to explore working with her, please take the Content Strategy Assessment, or call 831-626-0406.

Susan works primarily by referral from her two partners, Wide Awake Marketing and Course Concierge: Virtual Training Academy.

Wide Awake Marketing

Book Cover 1.5 inchesMartha-Hanlon_Chris-Williams lo resDubbed by legendary guerrilla marketer Jay Conrad Levinson as one of the leading authorities on how to get and keep customers, Wide Awake Marketing is the creator of the Customer Generator System that speeds and simplifies revenue growth in small businesses. Since its founding, Wide Awake Marketing has worked with over 3,560 clients who as a result have created over $62,300,000 in new revenue. Through their bestselling book, Customers are The Answer to Everything, as well as interactive results-centered programs and mentoring, Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams lead small business owners to their next level of success.

Course Concierge: Virtual Training Academy

JaneKnown as the leader in providing the most innovative, reliable and transformational learning experiences available online, Jane Deuber’s Course Concierge turns the life-changing content of thought leaders into high-margin virtual programs that create meaningful change in the lives of their clients.

VTA Screen ShotWith an inspiring student experience that is artfully designed, tracks student progress, nudges those who fall behind, monitors goal achievement and rewards those who excel, it provides the exact support students need as they take on the challenges of changing their beliefs, shifting their behavior, and developing the skills that lead to lasting change and achievement in their lives.


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