What’s in it for MEEEEEEEEE?

your website is brokenYou want a website that works, right?

If your site is broken, remember: The internet makes people lazy, self-centered and impatient.

Even your best friend would click away from your site in a flash, knowing you’d never know!

So if you want your site to work–to get those emails and phone calls from ideal customers–it better make it easy and fast for your visitor to see, “What’s in it for me?”

In less than a second, they decide whether:

  • They’re in the right place
  • They’ve found something they want or need
  • They can get it quickly and easily in a way they like and trust.

Don’t waste their time with “Welcome to my site!” or “I do really cool stuff!” They are lazy, self-centered and impatient and they really don’t care. Click! They’re gone.

That’s what happens at a broken site.

And it’s not cheap! Most small businesses I know spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, getting a beautiful site up and running. If only beauty made the phone ring!

What’s in the Content Wheel blog for you?

  • Ways to recognize where your site is broken.
  • Tips and tricks for fixing it.

In today’s market, your business must have a site. Not an option. You’re going to spend the money.

I’m here to make sure you get your money’s worth.